Scholastic Excellence

By those who have been educated
by the
Randolph Eastern School Corporation
and the
Darke County Mississinawa Valley
Local School Districts

Scholastic Excellence Is About Well Known Individuals Who Gained Fame After Graduating From High School From Our Local School Corporations

Many of the famous people who attended the school districts for Union City Indiana and Union City Ohio have had their future laid out for them from Kindergarten through the 12th Grade and have been influenced by a number of educators.  Many went on to higher educational levels achieving Bachelor, Masters, and Doctorate degrees for a variety of interests.  Some may even have multiple Bachelor and Master Degrees.  One of my siblings who attended the local Catholic Grade School eventually acquired three Doctorates even though she never earned a high school diploma.  I actually had two sisters where my parents enrolled them in prominent universities where they passed the entrance examinations with the highest marks and went on to receiving Summa Cum Laude, an honorary title used by educational institutions to signify a degree that was earned "with highest distinction."   People who earned the Summa Cum Laude distinction generally have all 'A' grades in all subject matter.  When my sibling earned her M.D. from St. Louis University Medical School, she was given that distinction.

Other people we will recognize will be from the Public Grade/High Schools where the foundation for their excellence marks their career choices.  Thus, why should we tell you about those who have done well?  I believe that regardless of what career a person chooses, that choice will be guided by the learning situation of the local educational environment from the earliest age through a student's teenage years.  It sets the stage for those students final career choices even if there might be several different careers.  Anyone, including families, who might want to relocate to the Union City area might just want to know how good the educational system is for the very reasons of what I've outlined above.

We are on the hunt for those who excelled and have been recognized for their achievements.  However, I must warn you that you should not be influenced by what they have done or how they write a sentence (writers), take a photo (published photography), the sound of their voice (musician singers), what instrument they have mastered (such as the guitar), or being able to see something and have their hands/fingers translate a scene to canvas (painters) though recognize their achievements.  Don't confuse the issues by your personal beliefs when it comes to what they write (political writers) which allow the facts of achievement.  Recognize that without the fundamentals of an early education, their life and achievements may never have been fulfilled.  Who we introduce to you will be people who have achieved the highest levels and stood out from the crowd.

We encourage anyone who knows of anyone or many who have gone through the school systems either from the start of their education or somewhere in the middle who graduated from their respective system to contact us via email to:  We will need the following criteria:  Full name, which school, year graduated, career path, how to contact them as in phone number and address.  We won't share personal addresses, emails, nor phone numbers with the general public; however we need the information so that we can contact them for more information as well as let them see where we have them featured.

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