The City of Union City Indiana
Web Site Additions/Changes
We Have Observed

We have been watching the build of The City of Union City Indiana Website.  We know the people involved and what they are doing is a phenomenal piece of work to get The City of Union City Indiana Official Government Website up-to-date and responsive to your needs as well as those who may be interested in relocating to the Union City area.  What we plan to do with this Page on OUR WEBSITE is to let you know about all the NEW items we find on the NEW website for The City of Union City Indiana.

We are doing the same with The Village of Union City Ohio on another page similar to this one.  Click here.

Contact Us / Complaint / Provide Feedback

This Contact format has been around for a few months.  What we've noticed is a method where you can indicate that ONLY the Mayor will see the information - CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM.

  • Instead of you entering your name, you can remain anonymous.

  • You can upload files to support your Issue, which would help in getting a decent response to any issue you want addressed.

Relocation to union city

The City of Union City would like you to comment on why you would want a friend, colleague, family member to move or to stay in the Union City community.

  • The information is located at the Operation Relo location.  Click on the link highlighted in the last sentence.

  • You can review many reasons the City of Union City Indiana considers Living Here or Doing Business Here important by clicking HERE.

  • If relocating, The City of Union City has a recommended plan for you if you are a business, family, or an individual.

  • The City of Union City offers you an opportunity to talk with our leaders and government officials with the this link to a form for you to complete which is located near the bottom of the page to which the link will take you.


Union City is about Lifestyle and here are summaries why it is important to consider Lifestyle by clicking HERE.

  • Summary story.

  • Living and/or doing business in Union City.


Wow are we excited to see this. You have the ability to post announcements and events you will be doing in Union City.  Now, there is no reason for you to have to send out dozens of announcements to every Tom, Dick, and Harry whether you know them or not or even get in trouble with the Federal legislation for the Can Spam Act of 2003 as well as corresponding state laws. The form located HERE.

  • Guidelines for posting.

  • A Checklist for an effective announcement.

  • The Form which is simple and easy to use.

  • We like this idea because NOW we don't have to do it.

Ideas, feedback for the city of union city website

Here's your chance to help with YOUR ideas for stuff to be added/updated/corrected to The City of Union City website - click HERE.

  • Suggest an addition item for the website.

  • Suggest additional information for an existing item.

  • Error that NEEDS to be corrected - spelling, maybe a phone number is wrong, maybe an address is messed up, and/or just about anything - hey, we know how that goes.  We're guilty as well because everyone makes errors and, sometimes, we wonder how we did it.  We also like it because the webmaster will get the information directly and he'll make the corrections once he verifies the information is correct.  We strongly recommend that IF YOU SEE AN ERROR post it to the form link provided above.

  • Lots of pop up information and "help" will be displayed IF you have your browser set to receive that information; thus we suggest you turn off the Pop-Up blocker setting.

  • You can upload a graphic, as in image, or a photo (like maybe a map if you want to change your official location) or something else to make it easier to reconcile the information.

Harter Park trail

OK, this is really cool and it's a questionnaire about your use of the Harter Park Trail.  Click HERE for the Questionnaire.

  • The City of Union City Parks Department wants to know if you are a resident.

  • The City of Union City Parks Department wants to know if you use the trail.

  • The City of Union City Parks Department wants to know if you use the trail for exercise.

  • The City of Union City Parks Department wants to know if you bring pets to walk the trail with you.

  • The City of Union City Parks Department wants to know if you believe widening and reconstructing the tail would improve your experience.

  • The City of Union City Parks Department wants to know if you use existing benches.

  • The City of Union City Parks Department wants to know if you would like to see more benches added.

  • The City of Union City Parks Department wants to know if you would recommend the Harter Park trail.

  • The City of Union City Parks Department wants to know if you have any ideas for types of programs for Harter Park which are NOT being offered now.

  • The City of Union City Parks Department wants to know if you have any thoughts for improvements in the future.

Recycling Service -- large & Small items

This really great because new people moving the the area don't know what you and we know.  Matter of fact, the owner of this website was clueless for nearly three years about where to dump large and small appliances rather than in the landfill.  And, as a teenager back in the 50's and 60's there was a dump on the Ohio side we took everything to because we didn't have what we have today.  Thus, no clue.  And, as we walk the sidewalks of Union City and talk to many newcomers, they don't know either.  There is not "New Comer" given out to new residents like there was back in the 50's and 60's.  Now, The City of Union City along with Randolph County have the information you need.  Click HERE.

  • Refrigerators, stoves, old toilets, sinks, tubs, even furnaces which are being replaced.

  • Tires, glass products, furniture not suitable for donations or selling such as mattresses.

  • Television sets, radios, walkie talkies, any electronics, batteries of all kinds (liquid, dry, solid, rechargeable), even light bulbs whether incandescent or LED.

  • Junk vehicles you can't get rid of via selling.

  • Tires, rubber products, anything which will not breakdown in a landfill.

Detailed city of union city Indiana ordinances

Ordinances are a tricky subject for most people because, sometimes, you need to find out what the laws and regulations of an area are if you want to do something or have a question about whatever it is that governs the area.  Now, you have a LINK which will help you find that information to determine if you need to hire an attorney for anything legal.  One caveat, the information may not be up-to-date and there could be substantial number of ordinances which have not yet been published due to how the beauracy of government functions in getting the data to the publishers as in lack of personnel to process as well as get it into the right area.

  • Union City Indiana Code.

  • Current City Officials.

  • Adopting Ordinance.

  • Various Titles and Tables of Special Ordinances.

  • Parallel References.

City of union city Indiana detailed city budget for 2021

Ever wonder what the Budget for The City of Union City might be?  Here it is in an abbreviated format.  You can also see the details by using one of the forms we've listed to ask for that information.  Click HERE for the abbreviated short list.

  • Fund Name.

  • Budget Estimate.

  • Maximum Estimated Funds.

  • Excessive Levy Appeals.

  • Current Tax Levy.

  • Levy Percentage Difference.